Literature, Community and its Limits: Conference Programme

Please find below the programme for the Literature, Community and its Limits conference, organised by staff at the University in Greenwich and the Institute of English Studies. For further information and details of how to register, see:

Institute of English Studies

15 July 2013

9.00      Registration

9.30      Welcome

                Opening Plenary: Regenia Gagnier

10.30    tea/ coffee

10.50    Panel 1 Reading Communities

Arnab Dutta: ‘Rhyme in Print, Community in Reading: Chelebhulano Chara and a History of Reading in Bangla’

Caroline Pollentier: ‘The Taking Part: Thinking Literature as Participation with Virginia Woolf’

Layla Roesler: ‘Textual Community-Building: the Essay in the Work of Contemporary French Poet Yves Bonnefoy’

                Panel 2 Dis/ Articulating Communities

Bridget Bennett: ‘Home, Asylum and Community in Charles Brockden Brown’s Wieland; of, The Transformation: An American Tale (1798)’

Oren Goldschmidt: ‘Virginia Woolf, Textual Revision, and the Search for Community’

Jacek Gutorow: ‘Holderlin’s “We”; The Romantic Self and the Uses of Community’

Joanna Hodge: ‘Allegory disrupting Mythic Unity: rendering narrative inoperative with Nancy and Benjamin’

1.10        Lunch

2.00      Panel 3 Writing Community

Rowan Boyson: ‘After the Sublime: Jean-Luc Nancy’s ‘the Pleasure in Drawing’ and new Romantic poetics’

Ilona Dobosiewicz: ‘The 19th-century Poland as an ‘imagined community’

Scott Lyall: ‘Hugh MacDiarmid and the Limits of Community’

Alex Thomson: ‘The Community that Does Not Work: Public and Private in contemporary Scottish Fiction’

                Panel 4 Death

Barbara Ellen Logan: ‘Tolle, Legge, Vive: Coming Out, Community, and Alienation in Queer Autobiography’

Linnell Secomb: ‘The Pain of Community: L’Douleur and the moods of sociality’

Ewa Sidorenko: ‘Re-membering a community; subjective imperatives’

Alexandra Urakova: ‘Henry James, Community, Conspiracy and The Ambassadors

3.20      Panel 5 Dissensus

Tina Chanter: ‘Beyond Community? Ranciere, art, and gender’

Bianca Leggett: ‘The ‘empathy deficit’ and the deficiencies of empathy in Zadie Smith’s NW

Anne Mulhall: ‘New Experiments in “Being Together”: Tiqqun and the collective conceptual persona’

John Smith: ‘Images of Community in Discourse and Visual Arts’

                    Panel 6 Alterity

Timothy C. Baker: ‘The Lonely Island: Exile and Community in Recent Island Writing’

Scott Hames: ‘Socialism Minus Society? James Kelman and Vernacular Belonging’

Adele Lee: ‘(King) Billy Wong and the Chinese Community in Belfast’

Shalon Noble: ‘Writing Home: Ecology as Community’

4.40      afternoon tea

5.00      Closing Plenary: Alphonso Lingis: ‘A Voice so Intimate’

6.00      wine reception

7.30       conference dinner in nearby restaurant (optional, additional cost)

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About Emrys Jones

Dr Emrys Jones is a lecturer in English Literature, specialising in the long eighteenth century. His monograph, Friendship and Allegiance: The Politics of Private Virtue in the Age of Walpole, was published by Palgrave in 2013.
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