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About The Digital Grand Challenge About The Digital Grand Challenge

Digital technologies have become a significant part of our society; almost every product and field of work includes digital design or digital technologies…

The Grand Challenges The Grand Challenges

One of our tasks as a Faculty is to bring students and staff together with the goal of building the Faculty community and exciting curiosity in learning…


The Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities (ACH), is a large, interesting, multidisciplinary faculty with over 10,000 students and 345 permanent…

Ongoing Projects

International Workshop [In progress]

International Workshop [In progress]

The Technical University of Athens, GR, is collaborating with the Harvard University – Centre for Hellenic Studies in Greece (CHS GR) , and their would like to host a (one or two) days symposium in Athens, and London, under the theme of the Digital creativity and maybe Digital computational technologies.

Intersubjectivities: Design and the other

Intersubjectivities: Design and the other

Beyond the instrumental, what is enabled when designers design with, and for, others? Seen as an intersubjective action what do design and designers enable through their material thinking with others. This discussion will be informed by an understanding of design as a holistic action with the capacity to simultaneously achieve both epistemological and ontological shifts

DRHA 2014 – International Conference

DRHA 2014 – International Conference

Human beings, as users, have always been obsessed with finding new ways of communicating through various techniques and technologies.
The rapid technological changes that have occurred during the last two decades have allowed us – the users – to communicate through various social media platforms, providing us with more easily, faster and more frequently ways of communicating.

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Professor Neil Spiller

Professor Neil Spiller is the Leader of the 8 Grand Challenges. He is the Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Architecture and Digital Theory; founding director of the Advanced Virtual & Technological Architecture Research Group (AVATAR); a unit tutor for Unit 19 of the Diploma Architecture programme; and a practising architect. MORE INFO

- Professor Neil Spiller
Anastasios Maragiannis

Anastasios  is the Co-Leader of the Digital Grand Challenge. He is also the Academic Portfolio Leader and Principal Lecturer in Design Theory & Practice with a background in graphic design, interactive media and screen based typography. Anastasios is the coordinator of internationalising and Partnerships for the newly-formed Dept of Creative professions & Digital Arts, MORE INFO

- Anastasios Maragiannis
Professor Choi-Hong Lai

Professor Lai is the Co-Leader of the Digital Grand Challenge & head of the Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit. He came from a background of mathematics with engineering, aerodynamics, parallel computing,  novel numerical algorithms & applied mathematics. He is visiting prof at Jiangnan University,  Fuzhou University,  Buckingham University. MORE INFO

- Professor Choi-Hong Lai