When: 9th March 2017
@ 19.30-20.30
Where: University of Greenwich, Stockwell Street Lecture Theatre 11_0004 (Green)

Super powers
We all have strengths and weaknesses. We can ride them both. Interacting with the ingredients of our personality, mixing it in the world can change the future. In this lecture we will follow optional paths of the future and explore where do we fit.

Avi Ashkenazi is a designer and technologist who’s worked on consumer, enterprise, and retail products. Current Avi is working on his own startup called 2PAx. Their mission is to help restaurants bring in the right people at the best time. In the past Avi was a part of the Samsung Innovation Lab. Heading the UX team Avi has created future concepts of UX that are now implemented and patented through Samsung products. Avi is also a part of Google Experts where he helps startups use design successfully, implement the right technologies, test assumptions, integrate the team through the workflow process, and produce MVP. He’s worked with more than 20 companies, including Soundcloud, Shazam, MTV, Deutsche Telekom, and FIFA. He also was a Design and Technology writer at Xnet, Isreal’s largest lifestyle portal. Previously, Avi founded MusicTechFest with the great ‘Stromatolites’. MusicTechFest travelled the world as a festival, giving musicians, industry leaders, and hackers the chance to connect and create. He also studied Interaction Design at Goldsmiths University of London – and still lives in the city.