When: 4th May 2017
@ 19.30-20.30
Where: University of Greenwich, Stockwell Street Lecture Theatre 11_0004 (Green)

Holographic Presence Design – Holographic Projection Art in Practice
As Art Director at MDH Hologram, Oliver Gingrich worked with holographic projection for 10 years. His research looks at the phenomenon of presence in the context of Pepper’s ghost. Holographic projection provides the perfect optical illusion. What does such an illusion of on-stage presence consist in? How can we actively design and foster suspension of disbelief in this context?

Oliver Gingrichr, graduated with an Engineering Doctorate in Digital Media from the Centre for Digital Entertainment, holds an MA in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins. As Art Director at MDH Hologram, he created holographic projections for top blue chip companies, Mariah Carey, Will I. Am or Jennifer Lopez. As artist and producer at Analema Group,  he works on presence experiences in the context of digital Arts.
A founder of the Musion Academy, he worked with over 300 artists on their holographic creations.