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The Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts (CPDA) is one of the newest in the University of Greenwich. It was founded in early 2014, to amalgamate the students and programmes in emerging creative practices across the faculty, and to focus the energies of staff and students in a way that encourages collaboration and skill sharing across a wide range of creative disciplines. The […]


The Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities (ACH)  is a large, interesting, multidisciplinary faculty with over 10,000 students and 345 permanent full-time staff. The faculty is based at Greenwich Campus, including the new teaching site in Stockwell Street. This diverse faculty covers a wide range of discipline areas and its research areas provide many rich […]

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Prof Gregory Sporton – Professor of Digital Creativity, CPDA HoD
Gregory Sporton is Professor of Digital Creativity at the University of Greenwich, London, UK. He founded and heads the Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts, which approaches art and design solely based on digital outputs including graphics, film, media, animation, performance and visual arts. With Jonathan Green, he invented MotivePro, a human-computer interface device based on haptics, and regularly publishes work on the issues that surround artists and technology.


- Prof Gregory Sporton – Professor of Digital Creativity, CPDA HoD
Dr Steven Kenedy – Director of research
Dr. Stephen Kennedy, University of Greenwich, is a critical theorist and political philosopher whose research ranges in scope from an analytic assessment of the figure of new technology in governmental policy to the circulation of cultural capital within mediated environments.


- Dr Steven Kenedy – Director of research