In The News: Positively Powerful Protons

Proton Therapy
Left: proton therapy with scattering delivery technique. Right: X-ray radiation

In today’s political climate it is not rare to come across a news story that revolves around medical practice and patient care. The biggest story in the press has surrounded Ashya

Superbugs! Pt 2: Antibiotic Resistance


Antibiotics can be general, or “broad spectrum”, meaning they can treat many gram-negative  and gram-positive  bacterial infections. Others are “narrow spectrum” and are more specific.

So, where are these multi-drug resistant bacteria (“Superbugs”) coming from? Bacteria acquire resistance by

Designer Red Blood Cells Innovate Drug delivery

Developing effective methods of drug delivery is an ever-evolving area of medical science. With over 1000 Million prescription drugs dispensed last year alone in the UK [1] patients rely on medication to be fast and efficient. However, the challenge developers