Open Event: Body Architecture Movement

  • Tuesday February 7th 6.30pm-8.00pm
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Queen Anne Building
  • Maritime Greenwich Campus

A newly emerging Research Group from the School of Architecture, Design and Construction will discuss various relationships of the moving body in architectural space. Accompanying the ‘Gateway Games’ Unit 11 postgraduate studio in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery there are to be a series of short presentations by staff in the school. Choreographer and Visiting Fellow, Caroline Salem will be investigating the body’s relationship to architecture with a movement piece in the gallery. Dr Marko Jobst, history and theory lecturer will discuss the use of Deleuze and Whitehead in contemporary theories of dance – and its relevance for the understanding of movement in architecture. Dr Mark Ingham, artist and postgraduate programme coordinator from the Department of Design will present, ‘120 Days and Nights of Staggering and Stammering.’ Ed Frith, architect and Diploma Architecture Programme Leader will look at the body’s place in architectural representation through his Unit’s studio, Gateway Games.


6.45 Caroline Salem – ‘Line, scale and rotation in Gateway Games’
7.00 Marko Jobst – ‘The word for world is architecture’
7.15 Mark Ingham – ‘120 Days and Nights of Staggering and Stammering.’
7.30 Ed Frith – ‘Return of the body – the rotation of Pip’s liver and heart.’
7.45 Discussion & Refreshments

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