Open Lecture: CJ.Lim Studio 8 Architects: “SHORT STORIES: London in two-and-a-half-dimensions”.

  • OPEN LECTURE: “SHORT STORIES: London in two-and-a-half-dimensions”
  • CJ.Lim Studio 8 Architects
  • Monday 7th November at 18:00
  • LT KW315
  • Greenwich Maritime Campus

“Combining place and fiction, the book takes well-known institutions, epochs and lifestyles from tens sties across the city of London and renders them fantastic in a string of architectural short stories. The medium is an intersection of paper assemblages and text, occupying a liminal territory where familiar characters find themselves in unexpected environments and places transform into active protagonists. The stories have been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Victoria and Albert Museum but are collected for the first time in a single volume, laid out as one phantasmagoric city vision. Painstakingly constructed, the stories encompass a retelling of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ at Smithfield, a dating agency at Battersea, and a ringed transport system manifesting as a celestial river over the great metropolis. Enthralling and inspirational, this cabinet of curiosity and wonder depicts a vision of the city that is immoral, anarchic, unscientific and at the same time glorious, ravishing and a pleasure to behold.”

Please note this lecture will take place at the Greenwich Maritime campus; not Avery Hill

Copies of the new book “Short Stories” will be available for sale to students.  Books will be sold at discounted price of £15 (normal retail price is £19.99) – cash only

CJ Lim is the founding director of Studio 8 Architects , a multi-disciplinary practice in architecture, landscape and urban planning, focusing on cultural, social and sustainability issues. He is also the Professor of Architecture at the Bartlett, UCL. The Royal Academy of Arts London awarded CJ the Grand Architecture Prize. His projects are part of the permanent architectural collection of the Victoria + Albert Museum London, and Fonds Regional d’Art Contemporain du Centre [FRAC] Orleans France. His celebrated ‘Virtually Venice’, architecture as builtcultural assemblage, is an investigation of East-West cultures and identities, commissioned by the British Council UK for the Venice Architecture Biennale. Recent award-winning Smartcities proposals are for the Chinese and Korean Governments. His publications include ‘441/10…we’ll reconfigure your space when you’re ready’ (1996), ‘Sins + Other Spatial Relatives’ (2001), ‘Realms of Impossibility: Air, Ground, Water’ (2002), ‘How Green is Your Garden?’ (2003), ‘Museums [work in process]’ (2004), ‘NeoArchitecture: Studio 8 Architects’ (2005), ‘Devices’ (2005), ‘Virtually Venice’ (2006), and  ‘Smartcities + Eco-warriors’ (2010).

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