Open Lecture: Benz Kotzen – NOISE IS AN URBAN ISSUE

Architecture Open Lecture Series 2010 /11

  • University of Greenwich
  • School of Architecture & Construction
  • Mansion Site, Avery Hill Campus
  • Bexley Road, Eltham, London SE9 2PQ
  • Norbert Singer Lecture Theatre (M055)

Wed 27 October 2010 17.00

Benz Kotzen


Noise affects many people in urban environments. Studies indicate that increases in noise levels have an impact on the health and the quality of life of people. In many countries, noise is a low priority issue but in the ‘developed world’ legislation dictates that noise needs to be dealt with. This lecture focuses on tackling traffic noise pollution and the many ways that noise reductions can be achieved in simple as well as innovative and creative ways.

Benz Kotzen is a Chartered Landscape Architect, Senior lecturer in the School of Architecture and Construction and has co‐authored publications on Environmental Noise. This interest commenced whilst working at Arup. Other experience/interests include Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustainable Landscape Design and water management in Arid Areas, Urban Agriculture including Aquaponics.

2 thoughts on “Open Lecture: Benz Kotzen – NOISE IS AN URBAN ISSUE

  1. Laurent Mutamba

    Architecture is a public domain, if you own a structure the people passing around own the view. The same with acoustics if there is too much noise in your house the people near you are unconfortable.
    This is a topic of great importance. That is why when designing great consideration must be taken when choosing building materials and acoustics must correspond to the standards of that City.
    Today in Metropolitan Cities Environmental noises could be the cause of many health issues.
    Consideration to acoustic design of any structure is a must.

  2. Benz Kotzen

    Noise is undoubtedly an issue in our cities, but it should be noted that it is only in the developed world that there is the wealth to deal with it. In the developing world dealing with noise is a luxury when sanitation, water quality, general healthy etc. are real killers. However that is not to say that noise pollution should not be fully considered in any development no matter where it is located.

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